Some of the West Coast's Finest Sands

You'll need to know where to go for a west coast beach vacation. Luckily, the West Coast of the US has several beaches. Santa Monica State Beach is one of Southern California's most visited beaches. It's in Santa Monica.

The beach has an amusement park, a pier, and several bathrooms. Visitors may also enjoy an aquarium, street performers, and eateries. A biking route follows the shore.

The beach is open despite its size. This is great for families and surfers. Well-groomed sand is soft. The Annenberg Community Beach House has a splash pad and playground on the seashore. A pool is accessible.

Venice Beach is another nearby beach. The location offers public bathrooms and lifeguard stations in addition to the beach.

Cannon Seaside is a picturesque Oregon beach town. This coastal town is noted for its art galleries, eccentric boutiques, and stunning beaches. It's also a great family holiday spot.

Cannon Beach is on Oregon's northwest coast. It's around 86 miles west of Portland. Cannon Beach has a modest job market. Many people visit the region in summer to enjoy the sun, beach, and water.

Haystack Rock is Cannon Beach's 235-foot sea stack. It's a spectacular sight and one of the rare Tufted Puffin nesting places.

Cannon Beach is relatively safe. It's one of the most excellent beaches for weddings. Fine dining, cafés, shops, and art galleries are also popular.

Hotels in Rockaway Beach are plenty. The Tradewinds Motel features low prices and coastal views. Silver Sands Oceanfront Motel is another popular hotel choice.

Rockaway Beach has several eateries. Whit's End, which provides fresh seafood, is among the best. Schwietert's Cones and Confectionery sells candy across from the Pirate Ship Playground.

Long Beach is an oceanfront community on California's west coast. Downtown Los Angeles is 20 miles away. Four hundred sixty-six thousand seven hundred forty-two people live in the city as of 2020.

Boeing employs the most in Long Beach. However, the corporation has dramatically cut its local workforce in recent years.

Long Beach is one of America's major seaports. Asian immigrants and Latin Americans use it too. In addition to its port, the city has Boeing's leading aeroplane production site. During World War II, it employed numerous African-Americans in industry.

Second, only to Phnom Penh, Long Beach has a large Cambodian community. Despite its decreased size, the Japanese-American community is still present.

Near Portland, Oregon, Rockaway Beach is a Pacific Ocean beach town. It's a popular vacation spot with much to do.

This beach is notable for its extraordinarily white sand. Tides and waves damaged the dunes here over many million years. Hurricanes generate two-to-six-foot waves. Breakwater Surf Co. offers surfboard rentals.

The second beach on the Pacific Coast is stunning. There are tide pools, driftwood, and substantial sea stacks. A day trip here is excellent. The most incredible time to visit is when the tide is out.

The second beach trek is excellent for families and groups. It's also a great swimming place. It's a state favourite. If you need to get into trekking, Second Beach has campgrounds.

The second beach's route is straightforward. Beginning in a forest, you'll hike. Switchbacks reach the beach. You'll get to the coast in 30 minutes.


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