• Darrell B Howell

    Business Consultant  

    In the current business realm, there's a significant demand for leaders who champion the interests of their workforce, clientele, and community. This ideal is exemplified by a renowned business leader who has significantly impacted the insurance, banking, hospitality industry, and philanthropy sectors. Darrell B Howell's career trajectory is an inspiring example for many, seamlessly integrating professional accomplishments with personal commitments.


    He hails from the picturesque town of Waynesboro, Tennessee, where he nurtured many interests from a young age. A lover of the great outdoors, he often found solace and adventure in the mountains of Tennessee. In school, he was a dynamic participant in various activities, ranging from sports to cultural arts, all while maintaining solid academic performance. During this phase of self-discovery, he explored different paths, ultimately realizing his passion lay in positively impacting others' lives through a business career.


    Post-high school, he pursued his education at the University of North Alabama, concentrating on business disciplines, especially accounting and management. He graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management. An important chapter of his university life was meeting the woman who would become his wife, marrying in June 1990, and later being blessed with two children.


    His professional journey commenced at a local bank in Waynesboro, where he initially took on the role of Controller. In this capacity, he was crucial in managing financial operations, ensuring budget adherence, and overseeing financial accounts. Despite his family responsibilities, he recognized the importance of dedicating himself to his career, often working extra hours. His tireless efforts led to a series of promotions, ultimately ascending to the role of Chief Financial Officer in the Canadian branch of a prominent insurance company by the end of 1999, marking a notable milestone in his professional life.