• About Darrell B Howell

    In the corporate landscape, Darrell B Howell stands out as a distinguished leader known for his unwavering commitment to the welfare of employees, customers, and communities. His career, a tapestry of achievements in insurance, banking, the mining sector, and philanthropy, is a model for aspiring professionals seeking to impact business and life positively.


    Hailing from Waynesboro, Tennessee, He was raised with various interests. His affinity for the Tennessee mountains and outdoor adventures was a testament to his connection with nature. At school, he was an all-rounder, actively participating in sports, embracing the arts, and excelling academically. Despite his varied interests, his future career path initially needed to be clarified. Diving into numerous activities, He was on a quest to find his passion, eventually realizing his purpose was aiding others through business.


    Post high school, He embarked on his educational journey at the University of North Alabama, focusing on business studies with a particular interest in accounting and management. His graduation in 1989 with a BS in Accounting and Management was a notable achievement. This period was also significant for his personal life, as he met his future wife during these years. They married in June 1990, and together, they have two children.


    Beginning his professional career as a Controller in a Waynesboro bank, He was integral in managing the bank's finances and ensuring its fiscal health. His efforts and expertise led to a swift ascent in his career, reaching the position of CFO for a major Canadian insurance firm by the end of the 1990s.


    Despite Darrell B Howell's success in the corporate world, He felt compelled to expand his horizons. This led Him to pursue an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University, graduating in 2000 with a focus on accounting. He returned to the insurance company, applying his advanced skills to catalyze remarkable growth. However, seeking more family time, He shifted his focus to the family's Pizza Hut franchise, a beloved community fixture since 1978. His involvement led to the expansion of the franchise across various states, making him a prominent figure in the restaurant industry by 2015. He later earned a strategic move back to the corporate sector.


    His foray into managing Pizza Hut franchises posed challenges different from his corporate experiences, emphasizing the importance of affordable community dining and upholding a family legacy. The community warmly received his efforts.


    Outside of work, He strives for a balanced life. A lifelong sports enthusiast, He enjoys golf, attending Tennessee volunteer sports games, and values travel for its ability to offer new perspectives. These journeys with his family are cherished, as He always looks forward to further explorations.


    His commitment to the community is exemplary. As treasurer of Donelson First Baptist Church, He highlights the significance of faith in his life. He and his family regularly volunteer at Gobble Gobble Give, ensuring community participation during Thanksgiving. Darrell B Howell's dedication to community service is a value He instills in his children, solidifying his reputation as a respected and valued member of his community.